Guest Post: How I Began Writing My Book (As told by a real live author!)

A guest post from me for Write Through the Night. It’s all about my research techniques and writing intentions behind Escapades in Bizarrchaeology (don’t worry, it’s way more interesting than it sounds. Honest).

Write Through the Night

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing author Adrian Burrows to the blog!  He has written an incredible comical history book called Escapades in Bizarrchaeology, a story which follows protagonist Max Vitrus on his unusual journey through history.  Guaranteed to make even non-history lovers fall in love, it most certainly seems like a book everyone should read!  Adrian was kind enough to tell us about how he decided to first start writing, the research process, and developing the unique story that he has written today!  Already know you want the book and don’t want to scroll through the interview?  Head to Amazon or Waterstones right now

Handing Over the Microphone…

When I first decided to write a humorous history book my first thoughts conjured up an elaborate fantasy, it was of myself conducting research, clad in a thick wool jumper, with horn rimmed glasses perched upon my nose (possibly smoking…

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