Music to Write Books By – Adrian Burrows


9781911266280-424x600This is the  final post in this series where writers have been sharing the music they write to. Today I have Adrian Burrows who has written a  history book for people who don’t like history – yet. In Escapades in Bizarrchaeology you can discover why bats were used as bombs, how an emu can defeat a tank, the reason why guns were installed in cemetries … and how you can get shot with an arrow … and survive.

Hi Adrian do you have particular pieces of music you write to?

My favoured way of listening to music is by being surprised. Now by this I’m not suggesting that my undersized man servant (who is trained in martials arts of course) leaps out of my fridge freezer to karate chop me in the back of the neck whilst I listen to some Beethoven. Instead I mean that I find a mood list on Spotify, set it to…

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